Elections 2023 - Candidate Bios

Candidate Biographies are in alphabetical order, below.

Pari Arokiaraj, MS, MBA

Parimala Arokiaraj has worked for about 19 years as a Safety Officer at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.  Pari joined the institute in May 2004 as an EH&S Specialist and now the Associate Director of EH&S. Under the able guidance of her supervisors and opportunities at the Institute, she learned the different aspects of Biosafety. In 2008, she was appointed as the Biosafety Officer of the Institute. Parimala develops, implements and coordinates the Institutes biological safety program in addition to playing the role of the Associate Director of Environmental, Health and Safety. 

Parimala holds a MS in Environmental, Health & Safety Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and MBA from Bangalore, India. 

With the opportunity to continue to serve as a committee member for NEBSA, Pari will provide more insight to the biosafety programs and efforts in the area. This would help enhance the programs in collaborative research environments such as the Whitehead. 

Dana Buckley, MS, CBSP(ABSA)

Since 2011, Dana has worked at  the University of New Hampshire, where she serves as Biological Safety/Security Officer and Biological Safety Program Manager.  She provides technical consultation and management of research biological safety and biosecurity programs to assure compliance with regulatory requirements.  Dana provides oversight of infectious agents, recombinant and synthetic DNA, biomedical waste, and bloodborne pathogen programs.  Dana has also been Principal Consultant at Benchmark Safety Services since 2013.  In this role, Dana provides safety consulting services to the life sciences industry and academia, in areas including gap analyses, risk assessments, training, permit/license procurement, industrial hygiene plans, waste disposal solutions and validation of waste processes.  Dana specializes in mentoring new or mid-career EHS professionals.  Dana has a MS in Environmental Studies from UMass Lowell and a BS in Physiology from UConn.  

Julien Farland, MS, RBP(ABSA), CBSP(ABSA)

Julien Farland is a long-time member of NEBSA and in his role of Director of Biological Safety for the Boston Public Health Commission (2011-2017) he became very familiar with the NEBSA membership, their institutions and biosafety programs. In his current role as Boston Public Health Commission Director of Environmental Hazards he continues to have an active role in the BPHC Biological Safety Program and participate in NEBSA events. Julien has a Master of Science degree from Harvard School of Public Health and is a Certified Biological Safety Professional and a Registered Biosafety Professional.  

Julien has been a member of the Boston area biosafety community for most of the last 20 years while working at Harvard University, Whitehead Institute, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, and Boston Public Health Commission. He has specific experience regulating laboratories working with recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids, as well as those involving high (BSL-3) and maximum (BSL-4) containment work, in the city of Boston. This includes permitting, inspection, investigating laboratory incidents, and regular review of IBC minutes, laboratory plans, and policies. 

Krisanthi Giaya, MS, RBP(ABSA)

Kris came into the Biosafety field 5 years ago after being an infectious diseases researcher and lab manager at the UMASS Chan Medical School 2000-2017 and a research assistant in the Institute of Biology Tirana Albania 1990-1996.

As the Assistant Biosafety Officer for the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School and the Alternate Responsible Official for a Tier One CDC Select Agent program, Kris has developed and executed various components of the biosafety and biosecurity program. She is a voting member of the IBC and provides biosafety and biocontainment expertise, and advises on risk management and communication strategies. Kris proposes and helps implement safety improvements of research protocols that fall under the NIH Guidelines and/or UMass Chan policy.  She conducts risk assessments to mitigate hazards posed by agents and experimental procedures.

Kris is looking forward to the opportunity to support the NEBSA board.

Jessica Healey, MS, RBP(ABSA), CBSP(ABSA) 

Jessica is a Senior Scientist at Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. in Newton, MA and is registered and certified in the professional practice of biological safety through ABSA.  She is the Biosafety Officer for several research institutions in the Boston/Cambridge area, including Partners Research Building  and the Ragon Institute. In addition, she provides operational guidance and technical support for biotech and academic research laboratories in New England and across the US. Jessica currently serves on the ABSA Awards Committee and served as Secretary of NEBSA prior to becoming a general council member. 

Jessica  hopes to continue her service as a council member and support the development of additional professional outreach and networking opportunities for the New England biosafety community. 

Judy LaDuc, B.S., RBP(ABSA)

Judy holds a B.S. in Biological Laboratory Sciences  and is a Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP) through ABSA. Judy is the Biosafety Officer for the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She has been at UMass Amherst and a member of NEBSA and ABSA since 2007.  Judy develops and participates in programs to promote safe microbiological practices, procedures, and proper use of containment equipment and facilities. Judy works to  stimulate responsible activities among researchers as well as providing advice on laboratory design. She has served ABSA as a committee member (four committees), Awards Chair, Management Team Leader, and as a Nominations team member.  

Judy  hopes to continue her service as a NEBSA council member to create excellent learning opportunities, act as a mentor, and to promote the Biosafety profession.

Ted Myatt, ScD

Ted leads the University of Rhode Island (URI) Office of Sponsored Projects and the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), which has oversight in all research compliance areas including the Human Research Protection Program, the Animal Research Protection Program, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), export controls, conflict of interest, responsible conduct of research training, and research misconduct. In addition, he oversees the URI Comparative Biology Resource Center, where he provides oversight of laboratory animal facilities, including daily operations, development and implementation of standard operating procedures, and compliance with all relevant state and federal regulations governing laboratory animal welfare. 

Prior to joining URI, Ted led the life science practice for the consulting firm, Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc. (EH&E). In his consulting role, Ted focuses on helping clients streamline and improve their EH&S and biosafety programs, ensure regulatory compliance, and effectively protect their staff and the environment. Ted also served as the Director of the Mass General Brigham’s IBC, which served as the IBC for Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and McLean Hospital. In addition to Ted’s role at URI, he serves as an IBC member at several local academic institutions. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in microbiology at the University of Illinois, a Master’s of Environmental Management at Duke University, and a Doctorate of Science at the Harvard School of Public Health.


Anne is currently the manager of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Biosafety Program.  She has worked at MGH for fifteen years.  Anne holds a master’s degree in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety and holds certifications in both biosafety and general safety.  Anne has had the pleasure of serving the past nine years on the NEBSA board as both a Council Member and Secretary.  If re-elected into the officer position as Secretary, it would be an honor and privilege to continue to support the NEBSA board and NEBSA community for the next three years.   

Mary Sabolefski, MS, RBP(ABSA)

Mary has a B.S. in Environmental Science from the UMASS Amherst, an M.S. in Work Environment (Industrial Hygiene) from the UMASS Lowell, and is a Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP). After 6 years working at the bench in support of environmental microbiology studies at the Harvard University School of Public Health in Dr. H. Burge’s lab, Mary has worked for 15 years as a biosafety and laboratory safety professional in the pharmaceutical industry.  Mary has had responsibility for biosafety programs focused on use of human derived materials and recombinant DNA technologies to discover new therapies to treat human disease, overseeing facility Institutional Biosafety Committees and serving as a member on facility IACUC committees.  Mary’s experience includes oversight of biosafety programming for operations in Europe and Asia, in both laboratory and manufacturing settings. Prior to her first term as a NEBSA counselor, Mary served as NEBSA treasurer for 6 years. As Councilor, Mary continues to work to ensure high quality content at the annual NEBSA seminar, and identify and promote new ideas to benefit and strengthen the NEBSA community. 

Carolina Sanchez Cano 

Carolina Sánchez Cano was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she received her bachelor's degree in Biology and also took part in a Medical Technology program. Afterwards, Carolina moved to Boston to work as a medical technologist in the Microbiology laboratory of MGH, where she was the Safety Officer and also worked in the general bacteriology, mycology, serology, and antibiotic susceptibility laboratories. After multiple years, she went to work as an EHS consultant for EH&E doing eyewash and shower inspections, hazardous waste management, laboratory inspections, PPE compliance, safety training, safety committee meetings and, most importantly, she was introduced to the field of Biosafety. After some months at EH&E, Carolina came back to MGH to be the Biosafety officer.

Carolina is extremely excited about this nomination and the possibility of serving on the NEBSA Board as the Membership Coordinator. She hopes to be selected for this position, because it will be an opportunity to give something back to this community and get to know new colleagues, leading to further professional development.

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