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Applied Biosafety

Applied Biosafety is committed to promoting global biosafety awareness and best practices to prevent occupational exposures and adverse environmental impacts related to biohazardous releases. The following are open access articles from Applied Biosafety.

Read and share these Applied Biosafety open access articles:

[ Open Access ]

Safety in Chemical and Biomedical Laboratories: Guidelines for the Use of Head Covers by Female Muslim Scientists

Margaret Juergensmeyer and Shakirat A. Adetunji


[ Open Access ]

Analysis of Range and Use of a Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide System for Biosafety Level 3 and Animal Biosafety Level 3 Agriculture Laboratory Decontamination

John R. Henneman, Elizabeth A. McQuade, Rachael R. Sullivan, Jen Downard, Ashley Thackrah, and Meaghan Hislop


[ Open Access ]

The Impact of Air Inflow and Interfering Factors on the Performance of Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Simon Parks, Helen Hookway, Kazunobu Kojima, and Allan Bennett


[ Open Access ]

Validation and Application of a Benchtop Cell Sorter in a Biosafety Level 3 Containment Setting

Lydia M. Roberts, Rebecca Anderson, Aaron Carmody, and Catharine M. Bosio


[ Open Access ]

A Changing World in Gene Therapy Research: Exciting Opportunities for Medical Advancement and Biosafety Challenges

Daniel Eisenman, Shaun Debold, and James Riddle

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