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NEBSA, the New England Biological Safety Association, is a professional organization which aims to promote knowledge of biological safety and to support those working in the field of biosafety.  NEBSA provides local educational and networking opportunities in the New England region for those with an interest in biological safety.  Formed in 1996, NEBSA is an affiliate of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA International)

NEBSA Board Members for 2020-2022


Ted Myatt is the Associate Vice President for Research Administration at the University of Rhode Island (URI) where he leads the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Office of Research Integrity and the Comparative Biology Resource Center. In addition to Ted’s role at URI, he serves as an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) member at several academic institutions. Prior to URI, Ted served as the biosafety officer at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Director of the Partners Healthcare IBC. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in microbiology at the University of Illinois, a Master’s of Environmental Management at Duke University, and a Doctorate of Science at the Harvard School of Public Health. Ted’s research background is in environmental microbiology, transmission of respiratory viruses, and exposure assessment.

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Anne Sallee is the Biosafety Manager at Mass General Hospital, the largest hospital-based research enterprise in the U.S. For  the past 14 years, Anne has overseen the biosafety program which includes 380 principal investigators and >600 active protocol registrations, including clinical trials. Prior to entering the biosafety field, Anne worked as a clinical microbiologist aiding in the diagnosis of infectious diseases by performing identification tests to identify bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic agents.

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Judy LaDuc is a Registered Biosafety Professional with 30 years of practical lab bench experience in Microbiology, Immunohematology, Immunology, Histopathology, with 15 years of Biosafety and EH&S experience. She has worked across various sectors such as government, academia and private research facilities. Judy is an active member with the American Biological Safety Association International and has served on several committees during her 15 years as a member. She has been a member of New England Biological Safety Association for 15 years, since her employment at UMass Amherst.


Judy’s Biosafety and EH&S experience spans extensive document development, Alternate Responsible Official and select agents program management, research protocol review (IBC, IRB and IACUC), incident investigations, risk assessments, emergency response, and Biosafety training for BSL-1 through 3 containment practices.

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Rhonda O'Keefe, CSP, CBSP (ABSA) has served as Director, EHS and Biosafety Officer at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA since 2008.  Prior to coming to the Broad, Rhonda held EHS roles at MIT, Millennium (now Takeda), Variagenics, LeukoSite,  and Cambridge NeuroScience.  Rhonda has an MA in biochemistry from Brandeis University and undergrad degrees in chemistry and biology from MIT.  

Rhonda co-chairs both the ABSA Distance Learning Committee and Credentialing Maintenance Board, and also serves on the ABSA Preconference Course Committee.  She has served on the NEBSA board as webmaster for 8 years.  She has also participated in the International Twinning Program through Sandia National Labs.

Andre Lowe is a Biosafety professional with 20+ years of practical lab bench experience in Molecular Biology, Virology, Microbiology, with 7+ years in Biosafety and EHS. He has worked across various sectors such as the government, academia, and private institutions for companies like CDC, USDA, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Boston University at the NEIDL, and Jackson Labs.

Andre’s Biosafety and EHS experience spans development and implementation of Biosafety manual and training for BSL1 to BSL4, Alternate Responsible Official and select agents, research protocol review (IBC and IACUC), incident investigations/reporting/recommendations to NIH and OLAW/CAPAs, risk assessments, emergency response, biological shipping, Occupational Health and Wellness, state/federal/local lab inspections.

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