What's NEBSA?

NEBSA, the New England Biological Safety Association, is a professional organization which aims to promote knowledge of biological safety and to support those working in the field of biosafety.  NEBSA provides local educational and networking opportunities in the New England region for those with an interest in biological safety.  Formed in 1996, NEBSA is an affiliate of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA International)

NEBSA Board Members for 2020-2022

President:  Ted Myatt
Secretary:  Anne Sallee
Treasurer:   Pari Arokiaraj 

Julien Farland

Jessica Healey

Judy LaDuc

Laura Mark

Mary Sabolefski 

Social Media Coordinator:  William Greene

Membership Coordinator:  Kathy Gilbert

Website Coordinator:  Rhonda O'Keefe & Andre Lowe

New England Biological Safety Association

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